Sweden rejects asylum application from world's oldest refugee aged 106

A 106-year-old woman has had her asylum application rejected

This is completely insane! 106-year-old people do not just flee their homes, travel through extremely hostile and unsafe conditions on their family members' backs in search for a more comfortable life! This old woman could not walk nor speak out of exhaustion when she arrived one night in 2015 on the Macedonian-Serbian border. Her family had no idea how they would take her through the muddy, slippery fields in the pitch-black night. There was no shelter available for anyone to stay and rest, and the pressure of border closure made people anxious to push themselves beyond their limits and continue walking. I remember how relieved she was when we managed to get them transported in cooperation with our partner NGOs in Serbia. And I remember how relieved I was when they arrived on European ground. I was really thinking that she would finally be able to relax and have peace in the time she still has left to live. But what I didn't know (or didn't allow myself to realise) is that this European ground is a cocooned little world, self-centered, phoney and stupor, that would use its groundless fears to prolong suffering to people that need a chance for a stable life, while promoting human rights and equality. In this sense, I am so happy I am in South Sudan - at least shit here is as real and as open as it gets.

By: Aleksandra Davidovska

Sweden rejects asylum application from world's oldest refugee aged 106

  • The 106-year-old has had her application for asylum rejected
  • Bibihal Uzbeki fled Afghanistan for Sweden via Iran, Turkey and Greece 
  • If another country doesn't offer her refuge, she will have to return to Afghanistan

By Sophie Williams For Mailonline

Sweden has rejected the asylum application of the 'world's oldest refugee' and have ordered that she return home to her native Afghanistan. 

Bibihal Uzbeki, 106, fled Afghanistan via Iran, Turkey and Greece before ending up in Sweden. 

During their journey, Uzbeki's son and grandchildren took turns to carry her on their backs.

105-years-old: Bibihal Uzbeki from Kunduz, Afghanistan, rests in Croatia's main refugee camp

A helping hand: Volunteers help 105-year-old Uzbeki at a refugee camp in Croatia

The 106-year-old from Kunduz, Afghanistan has been told to leave after her application was rejected in June, reports The Local

However if another country offers her refuge, she can also seek asylum there. 

She has appealed the decision to the Migration Court.  

Centenarian Bibihal Uzbeki, crossed into Croatia on a stretcher from Serbia

Seeking shelter: Uzbeki has been named the 'world's oldest refugee' by international media

Uzbeki has been nicknamed the 'world's oldest refugee' by international media after she was interviewed in a Croatian migrant camp in 2015. 

That year 163,000 people sought asylum in Sweden. 

In 2015, she told The Guardian: 'I fell and injured my head. I have scars on my head.' 

The family had a difficult journey to Sweden with her son telling newspaper Skaraborg Läns tidning: 'It was a difficult journey for the whole family. We carried her until we reached Germany, there a doctor finally gave us a wheelchair.' 

In 2016, almost 70,000 people were given protection in Sweden after seeking asylum. 1,889 additional refugees were granted permits to enter the country under the annual refugee quota. 

According to Tolo News, applications of over half of Afghan refugees seeking asylum in Sweden have had their application denied. 

There have been protests in support of the refugees denied asylum.  

Source: dailymail