Legis at the European Parliament in Strasbourg

At the invitation of the Italian NGO Il Pulmino Verde, on 12.09.2017, Jasmin Redzepi, the president of Legis took part in an event that was organized at the European Parliament in Strasbourg by the Italian members of the EU Parliament, Daniele Viotti and Cecile Kyenge.

At the event, the Italian organisations Il Pulmino Verde and La Cooperativa, as well as the Macedonian NGO Legis presented their activities and future projects.

Jasmin Redjepi, the president of Legis, elaborated on the situation of the refugees in Macedonia and the contribution of Legis in the crisis. 

Later, the inauguration of the photo exhibition took place, with the photos of the Serbian photographer Igor Čoko, and Macedonian photographer Robert Atanasovski, who were following the refugee stories in their respective countries.