Legis and its host, the Italian organisation Il Pulmino Verde, were invited to a debate at the event of the S&D party in Torino, Italy.

On September 14, 2017, Legis and its host, the Italian organisation Il Pulmino Verde, were invited to a debate at the event of the S&D party in Torino, Italy. The european parliamentary Daniele Viotti, invited the both organisations as a second part of the activities that were taken few days before in the European Parliament in Strazbourg.

Eloisa Franchi from the Rainbow for Africa was moderating the debate. She also presented information on the organisation’s medical aid work that they provide to refugees in Italy, Greece, Africa and the Mediterranean Sea. Additionally, she expressed concern with the European ban and criminalisation of the work of the organisations life rescue teams in the Mediterranean Sea.

 Monica Cerutti, the deputy of the local government for social work and human rights, explained how public institutions work with unaccompanied minors and women, helping them to integrate into society. She also argued that the emergency situation in Italy is no longer necessary; however, it is essential to create a new plan for the integration of refugees in society.

 Jacopo Suppo, the deputy mayor of the town Condove, discussed the successful integration of refugees in his municipality. He stated that the strategy for integration of refugees is outdated, as it was developed in the 1990s when refugees were coming from the former Yugoslavia. He argued that it is now necessary to reform the integration strategy to make it more effective. His municipality is recognized as an ally and supporter of the NGOs that work with refugees. They have supported Il Pulmino Verde on their activities on the Balkan Route.

 He also expressed his support for the NGOs that are working to save the lives of refugees in the Mediterranean Sea. He is strongly against the criminalisation of their work, stating that "Europe must find the best way to protect the refugees, but not losing the human and humanitarian dimension.”

 The president of Il Pulmino Verde, Fernanda Torre, presented their activities and plans for the future.

 The president of Legis, Jasmin Redjepi, presented the activities of Legis in Macedonia, assisting refugees from October 2014 until the present, as well as their future projects. He emphasized that Legis is in solidarity with all NGOs working on life saving missions in the Mediterranean Sea, asserting that all bans on the work of those NGOs are illegal according to the international human rights conventions.

 He also had meetings with the deputy mayor of Condova, Jacopo Suppo, and with the president of Rainbow for Africa, where they talked about the challenges of the new European policies on migration and refugees.

 With this event, the delegation of Legis finished their official visit and activities in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, and the local NGO's and politicians in Torino, Italy.