Slovakian afternoon at the Tabanovce Transit Camp

Daily stereotype, this is one of the main problems at the refugee camp in Tabanovce for, they have a place to sleep, food to eat, but no too many activities to do at the camp. As EVS volunteers we decided to carry out some activities with the refugees and get to know each other better through cooking looked like a good idea, so we started to have common cooking time at the camp. So far, we‘ve had French, Polish, Turkish and Finnish afternoons and the last one was mine, Slovakian afternoon.

          I decided to cook a widespread and traditional Slovakian dish called in slovak language „Zemiakové placky“. I am just guessing that the english equivalent could be potato pancakes J, but I am not sure. In the morning, me, one french volunteer and two Legis employees went to shop to buy all the needed ingredients. Rainy weather welcomed us to the camp, but we started to cook in a small kitchen. The dish is not very dificult to prepare and also the ingredients are usually very cheap. All you need is potatoes, onions, garlic, eggs, salt, oil and flour. Despite the bad weather, a few refugees decided to help us, which was the main aim of the cooking, so in the rhytm of Slovakian folk music we were preparing one of the traditional Slovakian meals. The entire process took around 2 hours, we cooked a lot, so everybody could try it. I am very happy that all participants liked the meal, but the more important thing is that we spent some time together, we were talking with each other and were doing something which helped refugees to escape a little bit from their daily routine.


Štefan Ižák