Legis at Vienna Conference: "Balkan Refugee Trail - a Pathway for European Solidarity"

On 02-03.10.2017 Legis representatives took part of the final international conference discussing the overal impact of the humanitarian crisis on people on the move seeking protection in Europe. Legis is partner-organization to the Intercultural center - Vienna, along with selected CSOs  from the so-called Western Balkan route including Greece and Hungary. Besides Legis contriburion to the multinational analysys of civil society ‎2015-2017 by Aleksandra Davidovska, Erin Traeger and Martina Nicheva and Besnik Hamiti for the final conference, we have also presented the work of our renowned photographer Robert Atanasovski, who captured the emotional transit of many people through Macedonia.

Also, at the opening day of the conference the President of Legis Jasmin Redjepi gave comments to the Key note speaker Hannes Swoboda, former Austrian delegate in the EU Parliament. Swoboda gave a brief analysis of the EU and Western Balkan countries and shared his ideas for improvement of access to protection of refugees and their inclusion in European societies, while Redjepi commented the likelihood of those ideas to be effective.

Further during the conference  Legis border coordinator Driton Maliqi made his presentation on a panel discussion for the Civil society-impact and scope of action, while later that evening the audience saw Robert Atanasovski photo exsibition and spoke about his personal and professional experience on field.

Finally, at the last day of the conference which was on 03.10.2017, Legis representative Jasmina Golubovska was moderating a legal and political panel on the Common European Asylum System - risks, challenges and imperatives, whereas beside other experts, we had the opportunity to hear the opinion of human rights defender and legal asylum expert Suad Missini.

The Legis team is providing these initial information and will continue to share more info’s about the details of the final conference.