WORKSHOP “Inclusive Europe” – Sharing experiences

On 9 November, 2017 at the office of NGO Legis we held a presentation on the project as part of two Erasmus+ activities named Inclusive Europe, which took place first in Lithuania, and then in Armenia.

The first activity of this project was in Lithuania in September, it was a training course and the second part took place Armenia as a study visit in October. In the project 36 participants from 16 countries were involved. An employee from Legis was selected to attend both events and contribute to its realization and at the same time share Legis’ work and experiences in the area of humanitarian and mixed migration crises.

In the training course we had the opportunity to learn about the migration issue in different EU and non-EU counties and integration of migrants and refugees.

In the second part of the project, visited several organizations working with refugees and helping them to integrate in society, in Armenia, in particular. We also visited the UN house in Yerevan.  

At the presentation in our office in Skopje there were 2 activists that work at the Transit center Tabanovce, 2 activists from Lojane, a village where the irregular migrants pass, 5 activists that work at the Legis office in Skopje and 2 local volunteers.

The workshop consisted of the presentations from the training course itself, so the objective was to faimiliarise the participants with the content of the project. After the presentation, there was a short discussion of questions and answers.

Finally, the participants watched a movie named “Go back to where you came from”, which was also played as part of the first activity and its aim is challenge our views on refugees and migrants.

The participants got quite curious about the Inclusive Europe project and wanted to know how they could participate in similar project in the future.