Weekly Report for 03-09 Jan 2017

Weekly Report for 03-09 Jan 2017

Humanitarian and Legal Assistance to Refugees and Migrants in Irregular Transit

Legis is implementing the project: Humanitarian and legal assistance to refugees and migrants in irregular transit supported by the Open Society Initiative for Europe. In order to access the people in irregular migration, Legis has 2 field officers based in the branch office in the village Lojane, a mobile team consisting of legal and humanitarian aid officers, translator and 1 regional coordinator, providing humanitarian and legal assistance to people in irregular migration and gathering statistical data through the territory of the country, from the southern to the northern borders.

Accordingly, this weekly report represents a summary of: 07 daily reports in total during this period from 03.01.2017 to 09.01.2018.

The total number of people registered during the reporting period in the Legis office is: 7 out of whom: 0 women, 6 men, 0 child, 1 unaccompanied minor, coming from the following countries:, 3 from Algeria, 3 from Libya and 1 from Afghanistan.

The total number of people registered during the reporting period by the mobile team of Legis that did not want to establish contact with the monitors is 0. Among the groups there where 0 women and 0 children assumed and no unaccompanied minors, and 0 men. 

Incidents reported or monitored: /

Legal assistance and/or other referrals: /