BALKAN REFUGEE TRAIL – A Pathway for European Solidarity

Legis is presenting the final report of the multinational project named Balkan Refugee Trail: A Pathway for European Solidarity. The project coordinator was Interkulturelles Zentrum from Austria, whereas the partner organisations were: Asylum Protection Centre - Serbia, Center for Peace Studies - Croatia, Greek Council for Refugees - Greece,

Asylkoordination österreich - Austria, Legis - Macedonia, Hungarian Helsinki Committee - Hungary, PIC - Slovenia.

In it, you can find information on the situation of the refugees and the treatment they received from the institutions and the NGO sector in each of the Balkan Route countries, starting from Greece all the way to Austria, during the refugee crisis in 2015/16.

Moreover, the final report offers valuable conclusions and suggestions for a better management of this issue, as well as lessons learned on the ground.

We would like to thank our partners who participated in this project and all the donors that helped in its realization.

We hope the report is useful to all the institutions and civil sector of the region and beyond.

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