AWARE AND ACTIVE Training course in Gevgelija, 02-04 March 2018

AWARE AND ACTIVE Training course in Gevgelija, 02-04 March 2018


The project AAA („Aware and Active”) is a three-year Action funded by the European Commission and its duration is from December 2016 until December 2019.

The project is coordinated by Interkulturelles Zentrum, the Austrian National Agency for the Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme. The main goals of the project are to prevent violent radicalization and promote democratic values, fundamental rights, intercultural understanding and active citizenship of young people, as well as to foster critical thinking and media literacy among young people from around Europe.

Seven Erasmus+ National Agencies from Austria, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Macedonia and Slovenia are directly involved into the implementation of this project.

Aware and Active is also supported by the National Agencies of Germany, Belgium-Flanders, the Netherlands, Croatia, Slovakia and Latvia as well as POYWE - Professional Open Youth Work in Europe.

Legis was selected by the National Agency of Macedonia to provide logistical support (travel, food and accommodation) for the realisation of the training courses and idea labs for 25 young people from Macedonia, including young refugees/migrants residing in Macedonia.

Thus, the first of the three training courses and idea labs took place in the Nar Hotel in Gevgelija where young Macedonian people had a unique opportunity to meet and work with refugees from Afghanistan who are currently residing in the Vinojug Transit Camp in Gevgelija. The refugees shared their stories in emotional speeches and described the journey all the way to Macedonia.

The second training course and idea lab are going to take place in Tabanovce Transit Camp, Kumanovo on 09-11 March 2018. We encourage young people aged 18-30 to apply on the following link: