Appreciated gift for Legis

TC “Vinojug” in Gevgelija currently hosts 104 refugees coming from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, that have already been there for two months as a consequence of the closure of the borders.

They are people with various backgrounds and interests and despite their condition, they keep practicing their skills.

Often times artists express their feelings through drawings and songs.  Shergo Musa for example, is a Syrian painter who is in the center with his family- his daughter Avin, his son Faris and his wife Nazlia.  

He told our team he used to draw portraits and has a full scratch-book back in Aleppo, Syria. Therefore, we decided to surprise him with pencils, block paper, colors and an easel. He was extremely happy he could finally draw and spends his days drawing portraits and abstract art since.

Finally, he called our team in his container to surprise us with a drawing dedicated to Legis. He said he is immensely grateful for our kind work and he feels special connection to us, so he decided to express his thankfulness through art.

Thank you Shergo, we will frame it on our wall and always keep it to remind us of your insight and imagination that don’t recognize any borders.