Aware and Active in Skopje, 16-18 March 2018

Aware and Active in Skopje, 16-18 March 2018

The third Aware and Active training supported by Interkulturelles Zentrum from Austria and the Macedonian National agency for European Educational Programs and Mobility, implemented and organised by Legis in Skopje has finished.

The 25 young participants who come from different cities from Macedonia had the chance to meet refugees and asylum seekers who living in Skopje, to talk to them, to hear theirs stories first hand and to be informed about the situation of the refugees on local and EU levels. Moreover, with this training, they had a chance to learn about European values, about all common things that connect all human beings, about the basic human rights, the human rights of refugees and migrants, and about the values of respecting all human beings regardless of theirs race, nationality, political or religious identity. They were quite creative in the process of informal education, and came up with great ideas for new projects aimed at supporting the refugees.

Now that the trainings and idea labs have ended, we have more work to do, such as implementing the best ideas on local level and representing them later in June at the competition on EU level and launching raising awareness campaigns in Macedonia aimed at young people.
The days of more fun and implementation of ideas are ahead of us.

We are looking forward to working with the youth of Macedonia in order to give them the opportunity to voice their opinions and worldviews and deal with the challenges that world is faced with.

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