Legis has elected a new president

Legis has elected a new president.

The outgoing president, Jasmin Redjepi, was presiding over Legis for two mandates, since its beginning, and through all international humanitarian missions in which Legis has participated until now, including the successful regional and European conferences, legal research and youth training courses. Legis managed to adapt to working in crises, but in less demanding situations, successfully dealing with all challenges.

Bearing in mind the end of the mandate, as well as the upcoming challenges with which Legis has yet to cope, there has been a recent change in the management of the organisation. Namely, Mersiha Smailovik, who so far was the Secretary General, has now been elected president of Legis.

Mersiha’s contribution in Legis’s work is undeniable. She inherits a famous organisation working in the area of migrations, human rights, and humanitarian work, an organisation, whose young staff has gained valuable on-the-ground experience and skills due to the numerous training courses, seminars, conferences, as well as partnerships with various international organisations and donors.

Legis’s teams wish Mersiha the best of luck and success as the new president of Legis.