Syria-The world is silent

Syria. The world is silent.

The social media and news agencies are full of pictures, videos, news on the brutal chemical attacks in Syria. Doctors and volunteers taking wounded people to hospitals “full to bursting”. They give them water, oxygen, and the wounded are in a state of madness, in pain, breathless, their mouths filled with foam, and their bodies displaying deep wounds from which no longer blood is flowing. The survivors are taking out corpses out of the basements and ruins so their neighbours and relatives can identify them. It is hard to watch the suffering of civilians, helpless children, in particular, who do not know who is harming them and why. It is even harder when we are far away watching helplessly, without any possibility of doing anything to protect them, stop the war and their suffering. Seldom does international aid reach them, and let alone protection for their lives.

How much can our voice prevent evil, how much our voice can bring peace, how much can our voice comfort a distant sufferer?

We are silent, so is the world. Except for the great powers, the US and Russia putting the blame on each other at the UN Security Council. An institution which is not working where the great powers abuse their right to veto for their own political agenda, hindering international peaceful intervention as the one in the Bosnia and Herzegovina war.

It is not that those powerful countries have a mandate and the power to prevent something from happening, but they can bring evil to justice in an international court for war crimes. Until then, I will soothe the pain of the heart and my conscience caused by these scenes by helping those who succeeded in fleeing the horror in their home countries and are transiting through mine, joyous that the man I see before me is safe and sound, and I could have seen him immobile in one of those horrifying videos.

And, yes, although all those bits of news are painful, I do watch and read them to remind myself of the initial motivation for this long and hard work that Legis’ teams do for the refugees in and out of Macedonia.

By: Jasmin Redjepi

Source: civilmedia