Vima: A new refugee crisis in the Aegean Sea

Vima: A new refugee crisis in the Aegean Sea

Increased tensions in Greek-Turkish relations, alongside the escalation of the war in Syria, have led to a surge in the number of refugees arriving to Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, the Athens-based newspaper Vima warns.

According to statements given by representatives of the islands’ local authorities in the last couple of days the numbers of boats carrying refugees and migrants have increased. They are coming from the Turkish coast and are headed towards the Greek islands, which means that the islands are faced with a new flow of refugees.

The same sources claim that around 30 to 35 boats reach the islands on a daily basis, which is something that has not happened in a long time.

Another indicator is the fact that the number of refugees at the Moria camp on Lesbos has tripled in the last several days.

This time last year, there were 2400 refugees/migrants at the camps. Now the number is 6280, thus exceeding the existing capacity in the reception centers.

Representatives of the local authorities are convinced that the situations has worsened after the EU-Turkey Summit of Varna, which took place on 26 March. They fear that if the refugee crisis is not prevented, there will be serious issues in the summer.

Source: fokus