PICUM General Assembly 2018

The General Assembly is a key part of PICUM’s annual calendar and took place on 20-21 April 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. It provides an important opportunity for members to mobilise around key issues, engage policy makers, develop strategies, and steer the direction of the PICUM network. Since Legis is a member of the network, this year Jasmin Redjepi was its representative at the Assembly.

PICUM members vote and work together to shape the network’s response, ensure effective governance, and admit new organisations. Held over two days, the General Assembly provides opportunities for collaboration and exchange and fosters members’ engagement and ownership of the network. Members can build partnerships and gain vital insights on the situation facing undocumented migrants at local, national, EU and global level.

At this year’s Assembly, PICUM members could develop a common understanding regarding recent migration policy developments, how they could influence the network, and shape its response overall.  The strategic objectives discussed in detail were the following: access to healthcare, fair working conditions, access to justice, undocumented children and families, detention and return.

As every year’s Assembly, this one also offered a number of workshops to its members i.e. participants: Communicating on human rights; Measuring member’s impact to support funding applications; Engaging pro-bono support; Generating data for advocacy; General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): How can you comply?.