Donation of a Vehicle for a Single Parent

Sabahko Hasikj is a single parent of his five-year old daughter Edona. In August last year he lost possession of his vehicle thus being unable to provide for him and his daughter and pay rent. TV21, a national TV channel released a video showing his precarious situation and Legis visited his family and distributed humanitarian aid. Thus, Legis came up with a permanent solution to this social problem and launched a humanitarian action for purchasing a used vehicle which would enable him to continue working and providing for his family. Moreover, we realized that little Edona was not going to a kindergarten. So, we solved this problem by registering her at the local kindergarten. Thanks to regular donors who quickly responded to the call for donation, a vehicle was bought, and afterwards all the bureaurocratic procedures were completed, such as obtaining paperwork, then registration and getting car plates, technical vehicle inspection, etc. In the end, the president of Legis had the honor to personally hand the keys of the vehicle to Sabahko. His daughter Edona was overjoyed that her father would have a vehicle to take care to kindergarten. Sabahko thanked Legis and the donors for the donation for helping him continue working and be financially independent. He also called upon the public for helping him build a house so he doesn’t pay rent anymore and have a roof over his head.