Aware and Active Translational Cooperation Activity 08-11 June 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

From 08-11 June 2018 an event took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, within the Aware and Active project. The event was attended by participants, whose ideas won at the idea labs also organised within the project. Apart from six young people from Macedonia as well as two youth workers and a representative from Legis, there were participants from France, Austria, Estonia, Finland, Slovenia and Italy.

At the three-day event, the participants had the opportunity to present their ideas from each country. Some of those have already been implemented, others are yet to be.

The attendees were impressed by the projects from Macedonia, especially the photographs which demonstrate emotional messages whose aim is to encourage more empathy and solidarity with the refugees, and decrease xenophobia and impatience.

The young had the chance to spend time together, work in teams, exchange experience, views, and opinions thus elevating the quality of their ideas. One of the results was the AA Movement initiative to which the young were supposed to give a name. The suggestion Europe2All from the Macedonian participants got most of the votes. Now, it is up to the organisers to decide whether they are going to accept it or not.

Moreover, plans have been made on how to carry out the projects by December 2018, so that the Movement can be organised in the day in each country participating in the Aware and Active project.