Reaction for inaccurate accuse of a migrant in Bosnia

NGO Legis declares disagreement and concern with the declaration given by Bosnian police official that migrant suspected for murder of 5 people in Macedonia was arrested in Bosnia.

On 27.10.2018 mr. Mujo Koričić, chief of the police of Unsko-sanski canton in Bosnia and Herzegovina, declared at the news of RTUSK.BA that the police arrested a migrant suspected for murder of 5 people in Macedonia. This information was shared by several media in Bosnia and Croatia.

Legis, as organization that is fallowing the situation on the field with the refugees and migrants in Macedonia and the region since 2014 and is still present in both transit centers, have no information for any crime done by a refugee or migrant, including murders. In a way to confirm this information, we contacted the Ministry of Interior of Republic of Macedonia, the journalists and other organizations that work with us on the field, but no one could confirm that information. For this reason we pass the denial of the MOI:

“On the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, at no sector of the MOI isn`t registered that kind of case, and because of that we don`t have a suspected person for that.”

We ask mr. Mujo Koričić, chief of the police of Unsko-sanski canton and MOI of BiH to give the evidence against that migrant in public or to the MOI of Republic of Macedonia, as we work in the field and we are concerned about the security of our teams, our citizens and the refugees/migrants on the territory of our country.

Otherwise, we ask from him and from MOI of BiH to give apologize to the arrested person and to the citizens of Republic of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, because this kind of no evidence based declarations are in favor of the fake news and certain media that spread xenophobia, islamofobia, racism and hate speech against refugees and migrants in the region. We also clime our concern for the security of the detained migrant, because until now there is no evidence for him to be suspected, so we call the Ombudsman of BiH and the Human Rights organizations to investigate this case.

Skopje | 29.10.2018