President of NGO LEGIS on Kartepe Summit 2018

President of NGO LEGIS on Kartepe Summit 2018

The presedent of NGO LEGIS, Mersiha Smailovikj, attended this year’s Kartepe Summit 2018, Turkey, from 26 to 28 of October. The main theme of specified as “Migration, Refugees, and Humanity”. 
With the participation of scientists, intellectuals, politicians, and members of the media, ever issue that enters into the field of interest of the summit is discussed with a pluralist approach based on shared intellect, and the obtained results are announced in the form of a declaration to the global public at the end of each summit. The summit outputs are shared directly with institutions, organizations, and decision- and policy-makers. 

Migration, one of the biggest issues on the face of the earth, and its surrounding complications was discussed in light of the experience, knowledge, work, and solution recommendations developed for the problems of participants representing universities, civil society organizations, international organizations, and public institutions, and recommendations will be realized for policy- and decision-makers.

Mersiha, participated on the Panel: “Human rights of refugees and migrant”. Her topic was “Human right violation on refugees and migrants”, where she noted: “Asylum seekers and refugees are entitled to all the rights and fundamental freedoms that are spelled out in international human rights instruments. Actually international protection it is complete system of values, of rights, of tools….

Refugees have rights which should be respected prior to, during, and after the process of seeking asylum. Respect for human rights is a necessary condition for both preventing and resolving today's refugee flows. The refugee issue must be put to all governments and peoples as a test of their commitment to human rights. Not only because of the refugees, but also because of us. If we are silent on violation of the basic Human Rights in one place, definitely all we fight for, will fall as domino effect.” She give short intro of human right violation that happened during the Balkan route, violation of Macedonian Legislation on Deportation Procedures/ Systematic push-backs of refugees, muss expulsion and closing the borders.

Many political members from Turkey and Greece, attended this summit, like, Christian BERGER Head of EU Delegation to Turkey Ambassador, Dimitris VİTSAS Greece Minister of Migration Politics, George PAPANDREOU The Former Prime Minister of Greece, Süleyman SOYLU Republic of Turkey Minister of Internal Affairs, Mevlüt ÇAVUŞOĞLU Republic of Turkey Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Myanmar, Mexico, Turkey, Europe, America, Canada...Turkey has taken and continues to take the initiative in every space for the humanist, moral, and technical resolution of this issue. To be one of the effective institutions/organizations that take initiative in the issue of “Migration, Refugees, and Humanity” at the Kartepe Summit 2018, is the goal of presenting contributions to the resolution of the problem. The Kartepe Summit will try to develop solution recommendations for policy- and decision-makers on these topics.