It could be Me

As a result of the ideas generated by the young people who attended the training courses and idea labs organized by Legis, within the Aware and Active project funded by the Macedonian National Agency for European Education Programs and Mobility and Erasmus+, Legis again hosted an event at which the participants put into practice their ideas.

This event was part of the broader campaign at European level where dozens of young people from Slovenia, Macedonia, France, Estonia, Finland and Austria presented their projects aimed at raising awareness on solidarity with refugees and combating xenophobia.

The Macedonian participants had the opportunity to present their projects on 18, 19 and 20 October 2018 in Public Room, Skopje. Some of the projects were Habibi meal, Waveback, It could be me, an exhibition of photos of refugees in Macedonia and calligraphy, among others.

Thus, on 18 October the exhibition took place at which visitors could see photographs of refugees transiting through Macedonia or residing temporarily in one of the transit centers. Each photograph had texts i.e. questions for which visitors could provide answers in order to understand the situation refugees are faced with. Also, the two participiants of thiis project were drowing nice caligraphy with the names of the visitors, that atracted the interes of many people.

The Habibi meal project occurred on 19 October where visitors could taste local as well as Middle Eastern food , where most refugees come from. The next day, on 20 October, the Waveback project was presented. A photograph of the size of a refugee walking with a child was placed. Each visitor could take a picture of themselves with the refugee photograph and share it on social media with #awareandactive, #itcouldbeme, etc, showing that anyone could be in the position of the refugee and that every refugee needs help.  Many different people attended the event who had learnt about it through the leaflets distributed by the young participants.

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