European policy institute Skopje-EPI

European policy institute Skopje-EPI has been elected as a research partner of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights.

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) elected the European Policy Institute - Skopje (EPI) as its partner from Macedonia to conduct research on issues of its competence.

With this, EPI is becoming part of the FRENET - the multidisciplinary research network of the Agency that has existed since 2011, which includes one research partner or consortium from each member state of the European Union, which this year has expanded to Macedonia. FRANET prepares thematic studies, reports and brief notices on various issues related to fundamental rights.

Quarterly report

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights publishes a quarterly report on the situation with basic rights, border conditions, the asylum process, the reception of asylum seekers, the protection of children, etc.

The February report focuses on the reconciliation of the fundamental rights of people arriving in EU member states, as well as in candidate countries for EU member states affected by migration movements.

This quarterly FRA report also contains information for Macedonia.

Dowload report HERE