Another refugee tragedy in North Macedonia

One dead and 14 injured refugees were found on 30.03.2019 at 04:30 on the Udovo - Demir Kapija main road near the Vodisir River. Police Officers from the Regional Center for Border Affairs "South" found the deceased 27 y.o. S.I., a refugee from Bangladesh and another 14 refugees from Pakistan and Bangladesh, six of them with severe injuries. From the testimony of the refugees themselves, the driver ordered them to jump from the transport vehicle, because of the police control down the main road. The jump caused one to be killed on the spot and several injuries for the others. Inspection of the site was performed by a team from the Police Station Valandovo, and a Public Prosecutor was notified, under whose order the dead body was handed over for autopsy. After the autopsy, on Monday afternoon the deceased fugitive was buried in the Muslim Cemetery in the village of Kalkovo, municipality of Valandovo, with all religious rites. The injured were transferred to the hospitals in Gevgelija and Kavadarci.