New leg new lease on life

After the closing of the Balkan route in March 2016, the irregular transit of refugees and migrants through the Republic of North Macedonia is very difficult and with many risks. Every year there are people that are losing their lives or getting injured. After the sad news that we wrote before, for the loss of life of a refugee from Bangladesh and his funeral, now we share more sad news with a happy ending. A few months ago one young refugee from Afghanistan lost his leg in a train accident. With the quick response of the Police and the doctors from the hospital, his life was saved. Unfortunatly he lost his leg. In the next months he was recovering from the surgery and the time came for his prosthetic leg. Through an initiative of the Red Cross from the city of Skopje, NGO Legis with help of our noble and generous donors joined in providing the prosthetic leg. After physical rehabilitaion he was ready to walk on his new leg. He was very happy and thankful to everyone who saved his life and worked on his recovery, so he could continue on his way as he was planning from the start of his hard and dangerous journey. With this, we declare our concerns about the health risks and life safety of the irregular transit of refugees through the Republic of North Macedonia, in hopes of less tragic situations.