Thanks for the treatment of refugees in North Macedonia

On today's first historic visit of Pope Francis in the Republic of North Macedonia, he, once again mentioned the refugees and migrants and praised all state institutions and humanitarian organizations that help them on their way to a safer life, mentioning the values of solidarity and activism.
I would also like to mention the generous effort that your Republic gives, through its organs of state, through the good contribution of the international organizations such as Red Cross, Caritas and other NGOs, to receive and secure help to the large influx of migrants and refugees from various countries of the Middle East.
They flee from war or extreme conditions of poverty, often caused by serious military moments.

Thus, in 2015 and 2016, they crossed your border, with large numbers of them heading toward the northern and western parts of Europe, while finding a hospitable refuge in your country
The timely solidarity that was offered to whose who mostly needed it back then, because apart from their home, job and homeland, they also lost their beloved ones; this congratulates you and speaks out the soul of the people, who know what it's like to lose and recognise that through solidarity and sharing can be found the way to any essential development.  
I hope you will preserve the solidarity that's necessary in this unpredictable critical moment in favor of every actions of the humanitarian work.