World Refugee Day: Support for a dignified life without fear

Today is World Refugee Day. On this day we remember the hard life of the millions of refugees that are forced to leave their homes to save their lives.

This is the day for raising awareness for the contribution of the refugees for the societies and communities that are accepting them all over the world.

On this day, the Ministry of foreign affairs of Republic of North Macedonia and UNHCR are emphasize commitment to protect the people who are forced to leave their homes and will support them in their struggle for life with dignity and with no fear.

With support of the Municipality of Skopje, as a sign of solidarity with the refugees, the Kale fortress in Skopje will shine in blue color until the end of June.

- "The lightening of the Kale fortress is a symbol of the solidarity and the support to the refugees - one of the most vulnerable category of people on the planet, from which one half are children. The blue light is also reminder of the all deeds of solidarity that Macedonian citizens showed to the refugees in the past decades. I hope that this spirit of solidarity will continue to live within our citizens and will inspire more people to show their support for the refugees. This is very important in the time when the hate speech and xenophobia are creating news. We want to demonstrate different narrative - narrative of tolerance, of connectivity, of common values." - declared the minister Nikola Dimitrov.