Another tragedy in the Aegean Sea

Another tragedy in the Aegean Sea, when a boat carrying at least 19 people capsized on it’s way towards Chios. Five children and two women found drowned.

This morning at 10.45 a boat on it’s way from Turkey to Chios, went down north east of Oinousses island. It’s believed that the boat was a wooden or glad fiber boat, and that it capsized due to to many people onboard, making it unstable.

12 people have been rescued (5 men, 3 women, 2 girls and 2 boys), two small children, one infant and a 4 year old found drowned in the sea, while 3 children and two women was later found inside the boat by divers.

Since yesterday at least 12 boats have arrived on the Greek Aegean Islands, 408 people, a detailed report on today’s arrivals will be posted later today.

Source: Kanal 5 TV