The funeral of the Syrian refugee Mustafa Ramadan

The funeral of the Syrian refugee Mustafa Ramadan was done yesterday, 21.02.2020 at the city graveyard "Butel" in Skopje. Mustafa was reported as missing by his family and by Legis, few days before New Year eve. Due to the bad weather conditions, police couldn't find him at that moment. Unfortunately, he was found frozen to death last Saturday at the Shar Mountain, when the snow melted.

The police transported his body by helicopter in Skopje, to search the reasons of the death. Legis reported to his family, and they came to Skopje from Netherlands for recognition. After all the procedures, the public prosecutor approved the funeral and his belongings to be given to his sister.

Important notice is that he lost his way, following Google maps on his own hand and opinion that lead him to the highest mountain massive at the north part of the country. The mountains are dangerous, especially in winter, and refugees and migrants must not use them for any irregular crossings. All refugees and migrants must know that if they got lost or having any problems, they can contact the nearest police station and claim for asylum. Then they will be send at the asylum center in Skopje, where they can receive all kind of humanitarian and medical aid and free legal aid.

The family and the team of Legis that worked on this case express gratitude to the police officers who were engaged to search for Mustafa in bad weather conditions, to the public prosecutor from Tetovo for the fast and transparent process, to the Forensic in Skopje, to the Ministry of labor and social affairs and CSR Skopje for the fast procedure and the support for the funeral, and to the imam and the members of Hatundzuk mosque for the religious process of the funeral.