2 refugees killed in a traffic incident

Migrant smuggler hits a transport-vehicle of the Ministry of internal affairs 

On 16.08.2020 at 10.30 pm a car accident between a driver of an Audi Q7 and a transport-vehicle, property of the Ministry of interior affairs was reported. The accident happened on the highway Strumica-Shtip, at the cross-point of the city Radovish and upon inspection of the car, 12 people from Syria were found, presumably smuggled.

One person from the group of migrants died at the scene, while other died in the medical center in the town Shtip. The other people from the group received heavy bodily injuries, while one police officer was also severely hurt according to the medical staff in the hospital in Shtip.

The public prosecutor on duty investigated the crime scene of the accident with the investigators from the department of internal affairs from the city Strumica, during which time the traffic was closed from 10.40 to 11.40 pm.

Source: mediapress