Big police action against smugglers in Macedonia

Helicopters, special police forces and drones were used in today's big police action for arresting smugglers in Skopje, Shtip, Bogdanci and v. Lojane.

10 smugglers on refugees and migrants where arrested, one of them escaped and one member of this group was previously sentenced.

Leaders of the criminal network were father and son from Bogdanci, who were organizing the entrance of the migrants for very high price. The others were transporting the migrants from the south to the north border. This action is continuation from the last week's action called "replay" against the business with smuggling migrants.

The gang had cooperation with their criminal colleagues in Greece. Those persons are suspected for couple criminal deeds: "Organizing a group and initiating of actions for human trafficking, children trafficking and migrants trafficking" and "Migrant trafficking". The prosecutor delivered suggestion to the Basic criminal court in Skopje for measures of detention against all suspected persons.

Source: Telma