“Monitoring access to human rights and protection of refugees and migrants in Republic North Macedonia”

Monthly report: 01.08-31.08.2020 г.



The citizen association Legis monitors and documents the “Access to human rights and protection of refugees and migrants” in Republic North Macedonia, a project supported by the Civica Mobilitas Small grants program. During the 6 month project activities, Legis engages 2 field workers and 1 national coordinator, gathering information and statistical data on daily basis about the access to human rghts and protection offered by State institutions in two transit-border camp, Tabanovce, Kumanovo on the Northern and, Vinojug-Gevgelija on the Southern border. Since the beginning of September, Legis  has engaged in monitoring irregular migration in the Lipkovo region due to increase movement to the Northern border. This monthly report represents a summary of 31 daily questionnaire gathered and analyzed to provide data on the above mention topic and period.

You can download the English version HERE