Rados Djurovic: Despite the help that is arriving, there is no improvement in the functioning of the asylum system

Director of the Center for Protection and Assistance to Asylum Seekers Rados Djurovic said today that the visit of European Commissioner for Internal Affairs and Migration Ilve Johansson was aimed at signing the Agreement on Union Support to Serbia in Migration Management, but that despite the help that arrives the legal status of refugees and the functioning of the asylum system.

“There are few visible and clear results when it comes to raising the capacity to accept migrants and refugees in the country, except when it comes to humanitarian reception, it works, but the functioning of the asylum system is deeply questionable,” he told Beta.

Djurovic pointed out that the commissioner came to “accompany” the first activities of Frontex on the border between Serbia and Bulgaria on Serbian territory.

He reminded that the Agreement between Serbia and Frontex entered into force on May 1 and that it enables neighboring countries to work with their police in Serbia as well, ie to stop illegal migration.

“What is questionable in that agreement is the immunity of Frontex employees who have both criminal and material-legal and administrative immunity while performing those tasks on Serbian territory,” he noted.

He also said that the visit of Commissioner Johansson shows the EU side to provide Serbia with the capacity to fight migration, but, as he says, some members make “pushbacks”, ie “push people” into Serbia.

“We are witnessing the policies of individual members Romania, Croatia and Hungary, which continue to push people into Serbia, beyond the readmission agreement, so they are doing it in an illegal and unacceptable way, and we see it every day at the borders and nothing has changed.” he pointed out.

In that way, according to Djurović, migrations are being slowed down in an illegal way, that is, “an attempt is being made to stop them”.

Djurovic assessed that during the visit of the commissioner, there was no criticism of such behavior in public or any review of the “pushback” situation.

Photo: Media Center