Train hit in refugees at Krivolak - one died, five injured

On 11.07.2021 at 00:40h was reported that on the railway Gevgelija-Skopje, near the train station Krivolak, in train accident few refugees were injured, and one lost his life during the transport to the hospital. Two persons got hard body injures and tree persons got body injures, that was ascertained at the hospitals in Veles, Negotino and Kavadarci. Six more refugees that were not hurt at the accident, were taken by the police officers from the south border police center for further investigation. The scene was inspected by the Public Prosecutor and the police team from the police station Negotino. It's expected the funeral of the died person, citizen of Pakistan, to be done in the muslim graveyard in Skopje, in the next days.

Source: TV21