Legis is now a member of an international network of NGOs and CSOs

whose activities will include undertaking and supporting developmental, humanitarian,

and related programs and projects in developing countries.

NGOs and CSOs have a large role, and potential, to enhance South-South Cooperation.

Given the broad array of challenges and opportunities existing today towards developing

countries, partnering with others is not only invaluable but also necessary. ANCSSC

membership provides this opportunity to collaborate towards creating a prosperous

future for countries of the South.

The Alliance will aim especially at promoting collective self-reliance among its member

organisations in developing countries through the sharing of experiences, expertise,

best practices and other assets. Additionally, it will liaise with governments,

intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations to promote South-South

Cooperation policies and disseminate best practice across its work.

This membership was signed on 29 04 2021.