Two dead migrants were found, one is a minor

As reported in the media, in the area of the Gevgelija village Miravci, yesterday were found the bodies of two dead people, who the Ministry of Interior says are most likely migrants. The case was reported to the police in Gevgelija yesterday around 9:30.

According to the inspection, the documents found in one of them, indicate that it is a minor from Afghanistan.

"Upon the authorization of the Public Prosecutor, police officers from the Gevgelija Police Department inspected and an identification card issued by the Republic of Greece was found in one person and it was determined that it was a minor from Afghanistan, while in the other person no identification documents were found.", say from the Ministry of Interior.

The bodies will also be autopsied.

Regarding the frequent deaths of refugees who have irregularly transited through the Republic of Northern Macedonia, the NGO Legis expresses its deep concern for the safety of these people.

Forced to leave their countries due to wars, starvation or climate change, crossing dozens of borders, hundreds of obstacles and thousands of other temptations, some of them in our country release their souls and stop their salvation further. Why?

Because the EU's policy of closed borders and relentless curbing of the flow of people leads to an increase in crime, with refugees becoming victims of smugglers, various fraudsters, local criminals, as well as victims of their own powerlessness, fatigue and disease.

The solution to reduce the mortality of refugees who regularly transit through the country, as well as increase security  and respect for their rights, is the same as the proposal for legal changes by Legis from 2015, which is regulated, recorded and controlled entry and transit of the same in and across the country.

Everything else is just a violation of the security of the country, because it is not a way to prevent large and constant migration inflows on the borders of developed countries.

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