Four Migrant Children Drown in Greece After Boat Sinks

Four migrant children aged three to fourteen are found dead after a boat with refugees and migrants sank in the offshore part of the island of Chios, a person is considered missing, while 22 have been rescued.

Greek Minister of Migration and Asylum Notis Mitarakis, through "Twitter" informed about the balance of the accident and mentioned that Turkey must prevent smugglers. "This is the reality of the exploitation of immigrants by criminal gangs in the Aegean Sea. Unscrupulous smugglers risk their lives on overloaded dinghies near Chios. Turkish authorities need to do more to prevent exploitation by criminal gangs." These trips should never be allowed," Mitarakisi wrote.

The rescue operation involved three ships, two of the Coast Guard and one of NATO, a Greek army helicopter, three fishing boats and three nearby ships.