Ngo Legis signed a memorandum of cooperation with “University Mother Teresa”

Skopje, 16.12.2021- NGO LEGIS signed a memorandum of cooperation with “UNIVERSITY MOTHER TERESA” in Skopje.

The representative of NGO “LEGIS” Jasmin Redjepi and the Rector of UNIVERSITY “MOTHER TERESA” Dr.Aziz Pollozhani as two signatories on  this memorandum, promised to cooperate with each-other so they can help and support each other’s activities on sharing the knowledge, experiences and trainings.

The main interest will be cooperation and interaction in the practical and scientific treatment of the migration phenomenon. Both, Legis and University Mother Teresa will promote scientifically based approach to the flow of migrations, whether those of historical character (emigration) or as a new massive phenomenon that we are facing in recent years.