Children, women and old people in the crowd

The situation at the Greek-Macedonian border at Idomeni–Gevgelija is still tense over these hours, what with pressures from Middle Eastern migrants who would like to pass through and head for Northern Europe, what with the police that have been deployed in large numbers. “Yesterday, tensions escalated when about 500 migrants, frustrated at the block on the Macedonian side, broke down the barrier”. This has been told by Mersiha Smailovic, an operator of Legis, an association that has been assisting migrants in the last two years. “They shouted ‘Open the border’ and then they started throwing stones at the police cordon, who responded with tear gas and bombs, while there were children, women and old people in the crowd”. On Twitter, Doctors Without Borders announced they “treated 15 people, including 9 children with breathing problems because of the riots, and 7 migrants, including 3 children injured by the fencing”. “It all happened after the introduction of quotas in Austria and other Balkan countries”, adds Smailovich, who tells that two days ago “the about 7 thousand people at the border held a peaceful rally, but, since nobody listens to them and the state of the Idomeni camp, which can only accommodate 2 thousand people, is getting worse, the people who had walked along the motorways from Athens to the border could not take it any more”. “Many people sleep outdoors, while food and water are running out”. During the day, the situation at the border, which has been closed again, has calmed down, and the police let the NGOs and the Red Cross bring water, food and raincoats to the people, because it started raining.