Aegan sea that swallows lives

At  the camp in Tabanovce beside the tents and the shelters that were placed here, now we have another harder situation, all over the field we had to set tents at the field were the refugees were sleeping on the open sky .February actually wasn’t cold as we are used to know  from the past years, but again its winter and it is cold enough to sleep outside.

Walking through the tents you can see too much sorrow, but at the same time to much hope .

During the last control for that night at the shelters my eye caught a couple who were looking at a photograph .

“Look at this picture” said Abdulhadi while I had mixed feelings for the only reason…what will I see there ….

A perforated boat near the shore . Abdulhadi from Halepo- Syria with his wife wanted to show me the  picture which they had taken after the boat that they have been traveling across the Aegean had perforated .

“We have left home for almost two months now, we stayed 20 days in Turkey, 10 days in Greece and here we are for 25 days now in Macedonia “. – said Abdulhadi’s wife .

It is really hard to see people on a transit center, sleeping on a tent with 200 more people who have had to flee their homes all from one reason, to live …

Looking on my left I see children, man and women who are trying to sleep and hope that tomorrow the border will be open and they will have a human treatment .Looking at the eyes of  this couple I could see fear, pain, fatigue but also a ton of hope for a humane torture …

“We had to flee our homeland because this was our only solution to stay alive, now we really wonder if our expectation to be treated as human being who have the main rights to live as humans will be fulfilled .”-continued Abdulhadi .

“We can hear the people saying that we should go home, and this is the most painful word for us …because we don’t have any house any more…” continued  Abdulhadi and his wife was approving every single letter that her husband was saying .