The Muslim family - rights and duties

On 09th and 10th May 2016 in Sarajevo was organized a conference entitled "The Muslim family - rights and duties". The conference was held under the auspices of the Islamic Community in Bosnia Herzegovina represented by the Reis-ul-ulem Husein ef. Kavazovic and the General Secretary of the Muslim World League Dr. Rabit Abdullah b. Abdul-Muhsin et-Turkia.

At the opening of the conference on behalf of the organizer spoke MA. Nusret ef. Abdibegović, the Director of Religious Affairs of the Islamic Community in Bosnia Herzegovina, dr. Mustafa Fetić from the Islamic Pedagogical Faculty in Novi Pazar, in the name of the participant, his Excellency the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Hani Abdullah M. Momin, the Reis-ul-ulem of the Islamic Community in Bosnia-Herzegovina Husein ef. Kavazović Abdullah b. Abdul-Muhsin At-Turki, the General Secretary Rabite.

The conference was divided into five panels in which 14 experts, researchers and practitioners talk about marriage and married life, family and its importance in society, parenting and children and the importance of spirituality for the family environment.

One of the speakers of a panel, was the General Secretary of the NGO Legis, Mersiha Smailović, whose theme was: Aid to the refugees in the Balkan route, with special emphasis on the family.

"It's really hard to talk about refugees, people who experienced extreme suffering, displacement, genocide and exodus. They come from cities that are under siege for the past three years. Perhaps it is difficult to control the emotions, but I have to find the right words to be able to describe the suffering, because you can be familiar with all these feelings and sufferings "- said Mersiha in her speech.

Speaking further she highlighted the phenomenon, which was not unique for the Middle East, of the families rarely fleeing in group, in the streets you could see women traveling alone with their children. Participants were introduced with the situation of the refugees in Macedonia and with the ways in which LEGIS help them.

"In one of the visits of the Transit Center for Foreigners “Gazi Baba”, we saw a 11 year old boy, Seif from Iraq, who was all alone. We alerted all the competent institutions and after five days, our team together with the Ombudsman and the Department of Labor and Social Work, take out the little Seif from the detention center, we entrusted the child in a Muslim family in Skopje, where members speak Arabic. Seif spent a month in detention, as if the Geneva Convention on Protection of children was not valid for this small and fragile guy. After 3 months, his mother together with other 3 children came and took Seif. for 4 months he has been separated from his family. The father had already received asylum in Finland. The family is now reunited, but along the way they survived a lot of suffering and pain. "

In conclusion she mentioned the cooperation with the Islamic Community in Macedonia which gave special help to the Legis team to help refugees, since they are actively involved in the field. A special joy was the organization of the Eid prayer in coordination with the IC in Macedonia and the Legis team .

"Here in Europe, we can tell a success story! Our diaspora is a success story of integration. We are integrated in the EU, but without being assimilated. We must all help refugees to integrate successfully, but not to be assimilated. They are Arabs, Afghans and Muslims, they must remain what they are. "- Mersiha ended up with this consideration followed by a loud applause.

It is remarkable that the attendance of the conference was at a high level, which provided an interactive and dynamic exchange of ideas and opinions among participants.