People’s support to migrants & refugees

European Parliament, Room: ASP1G2

17:30: Meeting point for people needing accreditation in front of ASP building entrance, on the side of Place du Luxembourg. 

18.00: Opening of the event

18.30-19.25: First open debate

19.25-19.40: Performance by Georgios Floros, mime artist, Member of the Caravan of Joy, Greece

19.40-20.25: Second open debate

20.25-20.40: Performance by Hussein Rassim, musician, Iraq

20.40-21.00: Closing of the event

With volunteers from Pipka (Lesvos, Greece), PROEM-AID (Lesvos, Greece), students and teachers of Kos and Ioannina schools (Greece), Mayors of Kozami, Trikana, Perama (Greece), Luck of Birth (Idomeni, Greece), Pleiades (Greece), Train of hope (Austria), IHA (Munich/Vienna), Baobab Experience (Rome, Italy), Melting Pot Europe (Italy), Refugees Sweden, Ensamkommandes Förbund (Sweden), Let's help the refugees in Hungary and in Europe (Hungary), Migration Aid (Hungary), CVS (The Netherlands), Welcome refugees to Bizkaia (Basque country), Ratzplats (Dunkerque, France), Plateforme citoyenne de soutien aux réfugiés (Brussels, Belgium) and independent volunteers from across Europe