Snakes issue at "Vinojug" transit camps

Reporter: Except for the main problem refugees face- the closed borders, TV Nova is a witness today of another problem that happened in the refugee camp in Gevgelija. Today, around 12:30 pm a group of Syrians succeeded in catching a snake, and they say this is not the first case. Some time ago they noticed a snake on the rooftop of one of the containers they live in. They say that with the hot weather and the up-coming spring, insects and snakes will be more common, and they are truly present in this region in Macedonia. NGO Legis have already reacted to this problem and they say that precautions are being made to prevent problems. TV Nova talked to Tara Petkovska who is a volunteer in Legis and says that preparations have already started by clearing the terrain from grass around the refugee camp in Gevgelija. I suggest that we hear the statement. What is necessary to be done so as to cease the increase of insects and reptiles?

Tara: As you said, with the up-coming rising temperatures and the fact there is a river nearby, the number of insects and reptiles has increased, and we can see that from the event today. We have already talked to the owner of the field. The camp is surrounded by fields. He already cut the grass that surrounds the side of the camp and advised us to provide some chemical to remove the grass- that would be a possible solution for the appearance of snakes and other insects. In addition, we are planning to provide nets that we would put on the windows of every container that would stop insects coming inside.