Refugees's human rights are violated

From 31st of May till 1st of June in the rooms of MSF in Brussels a conference was held to the significant humanitarian organizations and initiatives that were actively participating in the fields, unselfishly helping the refugees in 2015 and 2016. 

The conference was attended by representatives of organizations and informal volunteering groups from Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain and Italy. And from Macedonia present were Gabriela Andreevska from Solidarity Movement  and Jasmin Redzepi from Legis.

The purpose of this conference was to strengthen the network of the entities, through presenting the past activities, familiarizing with the current situation, planning the following activities, as well as mutual request towards the institutions of the European Union regarding the rights of the refugees and the rights of the organizations and the volunteers. For that purpose it was prepared a mutual document – inter alia it was requested decriminalization of the helping of the refugees by the volunteers and the organizations, unimpeded access to the refugee camps and detention centers for the refugees, opening of the borders of the Balkan route as  a safer route from the Mediterranean – because the mortality of the refugees in the Mediterranean is higher, as well as solving the status of the refugees who are kept in the transit centers of the countries that are not part of the EU, respectively Macedonia and Serbia.

These conclusions were read in the European Parliament at the invitation of the MPs European United Left party. In the meeting, Jasmin Redzepi from Legis, in his speech highlighted that with the closure of the Balkan route of the Macedonian border is by order from the countries member of EU, who in that manner conducted an unfair procedure with a retroactive procedure towards 1500 refugees, who although had all the documents and profiling weren’t allowed to continue from Macedonia to EU, thus their human rights were violated for uninterrupted movement. “I have come here to pass on their attitude and request. For that reason, I ask EU to allow and enable to this small number of refugees to continue and to seek asylum in a country member of EU, just as one million refugees before them had the chance to do that.” – said Redzepi.

In the same meeting there were speeches from other humanitarian individuals who were recounting their stories and human efforts for rescuing the refugees in their countries, as well, it was displayed some short documentaries of the solidarity of the ordinary citizens towards the refugees and their sufferings.