Memories and hope

It seems that the refugees that are staying on the tents, use the time  to remember the days when they used to live in normal conditions in their homes .I have never been thinking of what would I bring with me if I would have to leave my home, but looking at the family of Muhammad from Halepo here I realized that the only thing that we don’t want to let nowhere are the memories…They showed me the picture below, when they have been living on their own house like all the people of the civilized world do.

“This used to be our house, but it doesn’t exist anymore…the only thing that is left are the memories and this picture as a proof of our past family happiness “- continued this Syrian man who travels with his wife and his four children.

We hope that the borders will be open soon, and our children will be involved of the process of education, five years now they don’t go to school, they don’t live their childhood

Sometimes I think that there are not children left in Syria, all of them act like adults, because they have seen too much pain, too much suffering ..-continued Mohammad while he was looking at his children with a sorrowful sight …

At the end this family leader who used to work as a marketing designer, used to have a house and his children use to go to school, now they salute us from a tent, neat the mud and pits full with water, the smile shows the hope that humanity is still alive and the borders will be open.