When pain becomes a routine - you can always add a little bit of color

The Legis team in collaboration with Secours Islamique France regularly organizes art workshops with the refugees in the transit camp of Gevgelija. This time, our workshop was women-focused, as one of the most vulnerable groups in the current refugee crisis. The workshop was also attended by the refugee women’s children.

Art has long been used as effective therapy method in crisis and disaster situations, hence the main objective of the workshop was for the participants to be able to express their innermost feelings and emotions through art and help them cope with the post-traumatic stress they are experiencing. The Legis team facilitated and actively participated in the workshop themselves.

The refugee women and children’s hopes and fears are reflected in the drawings: when asked about their paintings, Salma from Syria sighs: “I drew a house with flowers and trees, because I had that back home. I have been living in a transit camp for months now and even though I am very grateful for the generosity here, I hope to be able to live in a normal way in the future. In a modest house, reunited with my family. It was supposed to be a transit camp, but we have been here for 3 months almost”.

Enthusiastically painting vivid rainbow colors, young Avin from Syria exclaims: It is difficult. We are desperate. We want to go.”  - “ But you always add a little bit of color for a rainbow” – she smiles.

If you wish to support the artistic expression and emotional healing process of refugees in camps in Macedonia, please donate by clicking here..