Legis Bringing the Warmth of Iftar in Refugee Camps

Ramadan Kereem! The Ramadan fasting has begun! With rising temperatures during the sizzling hot month of June in Macedonia, the Muslim refugees in the Macedonian transit camps are also observing the practice of fasting. 

The Legis team, respectful of the different cultural and religious backgrounds the refugees have, is actively organising iftar (the evening meal when Muslims break their fast) throughout the transit refugee centres of Gevgelija/Tabanovce and the refugee centre of Gazi Baba. Wonderfully prepared dishes with delicious halal meat and salads topped with sour cream are being served to the refugees after the evening prayer when the fast is broken.

As per tradition, Legis also offers dates to break the fast in emulation of the prophet Muhammad, who also broke the fast in this way. Many Legis members who are Muslim oftentimes join the Muslim refugees in the prayer before iftar. In the Tabanovce transit centre at the very border with Serbia, a beautiful melody (adhan) is being sung leading to iftar. In the Gevgelija transit centre, cool refreshment in the form of beverages after iftar is served under the Legis beverage common area, where flower decorations and gently-lit lanterns of blue, green and red add lively colours to the iftar atmosphere.

Legis team treats all refugees as equals, so it is not infrequent that our activists are seen having iftar together with the refugees that are observing Ramadan. We try to bring warmth and solidarity to the transit refugee centres by celebrating and enjoying the iftar experience together. As some refugees observe: "Away from home, but it still feels like home is not so far away when we have iftar here."