The solidarity of the Legis team with the refugees continues during the month of sacrifice and solidarity too

Our solidarity with the refugees didn’t start  last year on the month of Ramadan, but it reached a peak on this month exactly one year before .Though  we cannot compare the situation one year before and now again we can say that we are the a small lantern of hope for them. Again the day ends, and this year  the maghreb adhan is called at the transit camp in Tabanovce too.  And for sure we continue to be among them every iftar (the meal when Muslims break the fast) bringing them halal food and eating together with them.

We as Legis Team do respect all the regulations that a person who fast must fulfill. Beginning from the dates for beginning the meal (as Muhammad p.b.u.h. used to start the meal) the main food which contains halal and delicious meat, salad .

As team we use to eat iftar with them, this because we want to make them feel like they are at their home and we are a family. And we have noticed that they already do feel so, tonight the refugee women besides the meal that Legis Team provided for them,  the refugees had prepared some of their traditional foods with the intention to welcome their guests from Legis Team.

We as team are among the refugees, treat them as a part of us, save their dignity by sharing the same table, same food, same feelings because we are humans who have to have the same human rights.

And, one fasting day more ended at the camp in Tabanovce, on the Maghreb prayer we stand one near to the other with them with our bodies, thoughts and prayers .