Happy World Refugee Day!

Legis team, in cooperation with all organisations and supported by Secours Islamique France, and bodies helping refugees in the transit refugee centre of Gevgelija, participated in the celebration of the World Refugee Day in southern Macedonia. To that end, Legis activists in Gevgelija organised an exciting tournament in ping pong during the late afternoon and night. Medals were granted to the first 3 places:  young Mataz Shabu, a Syrian refugee stranded in the transit centre of Gevgelija for approximately 3 months now, was the winner; Mustafa Hajiin, also a Syrian refugee, came second and Domu Shivan, Syrian Kurd staying in the camp with his family, came third. 

Approximately 15 refugees participated in the tournament, which was surprisingly well-received not just by the participants but also by the other refugees, who joined in as part of an exhilarated audience cheerfully rooting for their preferred players. Interestingly enough, the ping pong tournament led to increased mingling of refugees of various ethnic or religious backgrounds, thus creating a stronger sense of community among refugees themselves. While a spirit of competitiveness could undoubtedly be observed during the tournament, its chief success lies in the comradeship and friendship that it fostered among the small refugee community of the Gevgelija transit centre.

Simultaneously, the Legis activists, together with the female refugees, created a women's safe space culminating in a jewelry workshop. Two female Legis activists facilitated the workshop by assisting women with taking care of their children, who also attended the jewelry workshop, and facilitated working with bead-based jewelry. Beautifully hand-crafted rings, bead necklaces and bracelets sparkled in the vibrant Ramadan night of June.