Fans for all the refugees that didn’t have it

Summer in Gevgelija, the hottest city of Macedonia, can be quite challenging to deal with, especially for the refugees in TC “Vinojug”, since they are trapped there without being able to go out and refresh themselves. Also, not all of them had air-conditioners or fans in their rooms.

“I couldn’t sleep yesterday, I’m all wet and I can’t move”, says Ahmad, a Syrian boy who lives with three other friends of his. Hamide, an Afghan mother of two children that lives in a small tent says that her children are impatient, slow and moody because the tent is too hot. For that reason, our activists reported this issue that was immediately responded to by a donator that bought fans for all the refugees that didn’t have it.

We are grateful for he made us and the refugees happy. Now they can all sleep well and wake up with faith for their well-being and brighter future.

The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.