Exciting movie nights for children and youth

Legis team in collaboration with Secours Islamique France organises exciting movie nights for children and youth three times per week, on both transit camps, Gevgelija and Tabanovce.

The movie night is quite popular and well-visited among refugee children and youth, but also children’s parents that accompany their kids to watch cartoons and youth films together. Movie nights are now particularly enhanced with popcorn and carbonated juices as refreshment served by the Legis team. The movie night usually starts off with Legis activists dressing up in funny outfits as cartoon characters to entertain gather up the children from the camp. Enthusing over the thrilling prospect of the upcoming film, the children and youth gather around the funny cartoon characters and follow them to the designated film area.

Movie nights are among the wide variety of Legis’s psycho-social activities, supported by our partner organization, SIF, that add liveliness in the otherwise mundane daily routine of life in a closed camp. In addition to that, as most of our psycho-social support activities, the exciting Legis cinema creates space for socializing and fostering friendships in an ethnically and religiously diverse refugee camp. Thus, refugees of a multitude of national, ethnic and religious backgrounds (such as Muslim, Christian, Yazidi etc; Syrians/Iraqis, Afghans, ethnic Kurds etc) attending the movie nights are able to bond and even exchange ideas in relation to the film shown."

If you wish to bring positive change and joy into refugee kids' lives, please support our psycho-social activities by donating to: www.legis.mk