Successfully finished puppet theatre in Tabanovce

Legis team in collaboration with Takt and supported by Solidarites International organized workshops and  made preparation for the premiere of shadow theater and puppet show.

The workshops for this activity have been very attractive for the children and they have participated in a large number, every time being engaged to make a better show. During the exercises the children were able to get acquainted with one another more and create a harmony between them they have also been very creative contributing to achieve a great success.

The activities have been conducted in collaboration between Legist, Solidarites International and Tact.  In a good atmosphere they have been very creative with the sole purpose to make the refugees feel like they are at home.

The show tonight was finally held before a large audience attended by the parents of the participants as well as other organizations that are in Tabanovce. In conditions in which we can see rarely a smile on the faces of refugees tonight was a pleasure to witness how they enjoyed watching their children. This show managed to bring together a team of children from various ethnic groups who together managed to make all the participants to feel equal in these difficult times.